About Us

Modern look at old greatness


MODERNA studio is a fundamentally new level of services for the development of furniture and interior design based on experience and professionalism.

A WIDE RANGE of services makes it possible to implement any ideas, making the space you work or live in cozy and comfortable. You can contact us if you need professional development of a design project, designing and manufacturing of author's furniture. We work with individuals as well as organizations.

A SERIOUS APPROACH to our business allows you to be confident in our company: all the key details of the project are fixed in the contract. Over the years we have developed a precise and clear systematization of all stages of work on the project that allows us to always meet the deadlines and exclude any shortcomings.


As it always happens with all great things, MODERNA story began with a big dream of a little person named Fernando Sánchez. Yes, it was me, now the founder of MODERNA studio. Back in 2007 I was working for a big design company, but always dreaming of having my own. I dreamed of our own office where every designer would feel as comfortable as home wearing bath sleepers and a robe while creating great things.

The funny thing to talk about it now is that my dream came true and yours can too. The point of this little story is to say that that’s what we do at MODERNA - we make your dream home, office or any place a reality. So, don’t hesitate on your dream, let’s meet quick!


The advantages speak for themselves.


We are more than 10-year experience team of professional interior designers. Over the years we’ve done thousands of projects, which paved into priceless skills and a sense of style.

Modern solutions

The world is changing, so as interior design and people’s taste. We keep up with modern tendencies, experiment with different styles and are always open minded and ready to try something new and unusual.


Stylish things always go hand in hand with thinking outside the box. Creative solutions to routine tasks are what brought us to this passion of ours in the first place and this is what our clients appreciate us for.

Our Story


Behind all amazing things are real people.